Presentations 17th February 2009, New York, USA

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Kick-off meeting New York (4)


  1. Jeffrey D. Sachs: Welcome
  2. Pedro Sanchez (89): Soil Knowledge for a Sustainable Planet
  3. Kofi Annan (88): Enhancing the African Green Revolution with Digital Soil Maps
  4. Jacques Diouf: Inaugurating the Global Digital Soil Map
  5. Alfred Hartemink (131): - A soil science renaissance




The Global Reach of - Regional Views and Perspectives

  1. Jonathan Hempel (116) (National Resources Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture)
  2. Neil McKenzie (117) (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia)
  3. Lou Mendonça-Santos (119) (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation)
  4. Luca Montanarella (110) (Joint Research Commission, European Commission, Italy)
  5. Peter Okoth (105) (Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute CIAT)
  6. Ganlin Zhang (120) (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

The Many Uses of - Applications for Sustainable Development

  1. Jerry Melillo (102): Climate Change  (The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory)
  2. Ruth De Fries (113): Sustainable Land Use  (Columbia University)
  3. Stan Wood: Food Security  (International Food Policy and Research Institute)
  4. Diana H. Wall (107): Soil Biodiversity (School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State)

The Global Impact of

  1. Zhongli Ding (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  2. Paul Bertsch (126) (University of Kentucky/Soil Science Society of America)
  3. Sveinn Runolfsson (Icelandic Soil Conservation Service)


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In November 2008, an $18 million grant has been obtained from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to map most parts in Sub-Sahara Africa, and make all Sub-Saharan Africa data available. From this grant there are also funds for coordinating global efforts and for the establishment of a global consortium. Several institutions have assumed a leading role in this effort and have made substantial financial and in-kind contributions.

Our main donors: