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This portion of the web site has been set up to facilitate and host technical and organizational interactions and discussions of the Science Committee.

The intention is to provide a web based platform where members of the Science Committee, and other authorized participants ,can obtain information, record opinions, submit comments, vote on issues requiring decisions and otherwise contribute to the development of technical and scientific elements of the project.

Please add your suggestions for additional technical or scientific topics that you would like to discuss.

Items currently under active discussion are listed below. Click in the appropriate link below to access any particular discussion and contribute to it.

In November 2008, an $18 million grant has been obtained from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to map most parts in Sub-Sahara Africa, and make all Sub-Saharan Africa data available. From this grant there are also funds for coordinating global efforts and for the establishment of a global consortium. Several institutions have assumed a leading role in this effort and have made substantial financial and in-kind contributions.

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