Spline Web Processing Service (WPS)

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Spline - Output Example
Spline - Input Example


Calculate Globalsoilmap.net specified spline based on code for text files. To facilitate the spline interpolation process for single soil profile observations the following WEB PROCESSING SERVICE(WPS) based on PyWPS is available.
The pyWPS process delivers OGC conforming XML file(s) according to WPS 1.0.0, and can be used directly in the browser or as file to be downloaded. Possible additional access pathways can be  R, python,php,etc. or any other orchestration software (e.g. Taverna Workbench)
1 ) To list all available functions on the server request the GetCapabilities document with the following:

2 ) Parameters for the any function ( in the example given here for the spline) request the  describeprocess document with the following:

3 ) To fit provided soil profile data to splines according to the R-code provided by UoSydney use the following:

4 ) In case you want to receive a text file with the fitted values add at the end the &responsedocument as shown below:

PS: In case the algorithm does not work, its probably either input file formating or to many users in the system currently.

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